Friday, May 4, 2012

Musuh Abadi Game Online Free Download

Musuh Abadi is an online game developed by a Chinese developer, Linekong. 3D MMORPG tells of the feud between the God and Devil is going on and now turn to the players who will experience a thrill to be God or Devil, and striving to be the winner. Musuh Abadi is designed from scratch to become a PvP oriented game, so all the features in the game was held specifically to support the PvP experience.

As an action-based MMORPG, Musuh Abadi offers a very interesting experience to fight for you. This game also offers an easy to fight the system, because the Musuh Abadi offers a varied type of control using a mouse and keyboard. Both beginners and existing players can enjoy the experience together in this game, which focuses on the war! not the fault of the attribute.
Musuh Abadi is a game that puts you remove the ability of the combo in the game, here you can also remove skill and magic in an instant. A variety of skills focused on the fight, why is it so? Obviously, because here there is no Job healer / healer. So! Attack!

This game offers a variety of areas which are always interesting to be traced, focusing on the conflict between GOD and DEVIL. This clearly can provide different challenges when you become God and also when you become a Devil. Some of the dungeon that you pass will also not less interesting to the area of adventure, because in this dungeon can provide endless challenge and also a different experience.

Musuh Abadi have three basic Job, namely: Warrior, Wizard and Killer. Third base job is subject to change jobs when they have reached level 10. Fighters can be transformed into Space or Heaven, Witch can turn into a 5 element or the Mysterious Assassin and can turn into the Nomad or the Iron Wheel.

Each character has 15 positions to place the item support. Aka character appearance change automatically when a pair of weapons, armor, shoulder protectors, shoes and others. In addition 15 primary position, there are also three additional positions to place the item fashion (which can be obtained through the item mall feature).

Adventures are not alone, you will be accompanied by a pet of the gods, and they are the Animal Heaven. This game system is very easy, for the beginning level you will be guided to have them. Number of owned hewa sky can vary, and veterinary sky can help you hunt monsters, not only that animals can also compete with sky sky animals other players. Animals sky will also develop the ability along with their owners.

The player can use Kintoun Cloud (God or the Devil Cloud Cloud) to go to place. Easy, practical and very petrified if a player is running quest to move around the city. In addition to cloud kintoun facilities, Musuh Abadi also set up a means of transportation that you can have all the time, the animal mounts.

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